There might not be a lot that intimidates Michael Douglas, but the legendary actor recently admitted the thought of his daughter Carys Zeta Jones dating absolutely terrifies him. While hanging out at PaleyFest NY, Michael revealed his true feelings about the 16-year-old’s romantic life when asked how he would react if she brought home someone older. 

“I think it would kill me,” the 75-year-old hunk hilariously confessed to Us Weekly, referring to Carys. “I’d try to support her but I’d be watching very carefully.” Poor papa!

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It seems the topic of discussion has been heavy on the actor’s mind considering he admitted he and wife Catherine Zeta-Jones — with whom he also shares son Dylan Douglas, 19 — have already “been talking about” when Carys will start dating. “We’re very close to the first boyfriend coming,” the Basic Instinct star dished. “She’s been very picky, but she’s right on the cusp.”

Michael first opened up about his daughter’s future dating life while chatting about Sandy, the character he plays in The Kominsky Method. In the Golden Globe award-winning series, Michael’s character’s daughter — played by actress Sarah Baker — is dating an older man.

Fans figured Michael would be OK with Carys dating an older guy considering the award-winning actor is exactly 25 years older than Catherine, 50. The proud dad is also 12 years older than first wife Diandra Luker, with whom he shares son Cameron Douglas, 40.

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Although Michael doesn’t approve of Carys being involved with someone older, he defended his choice to be with a much younger woman while appearing on the October 10 episode of The Ellen DeGeneres Show.

“Having a younger bride makes me feel good on one side, and I got the old man [father Kirk Douglas, 102] on the other side with still a full head of hair,” the Falling Down actor shared with the host. “So it’s all good, you know, you can’t be an idiot about it.”

The award-winning producer also gushed that watching his kids grow up has contributed to his flawless aging. “I’m moving right along,” he said. “I had a cancer about eight or nine years ago where I sort of thought about that stuff. But once I got a clean bill of health after that, it was kind of straight on, feeling good.” Yay!

Considering Michael shares such a great relationship with his kids, we hope Carys goes easy on him when it’s time to start dating!