As is the case with anyone, Mel Gibson has lived a life with incredible highs (represented by a phenomenal run as an actor and director), and, some would say, devastating lows (audio of truly horrid things he said to an ex-girlfriend that was leaked online; anti-Semitic rants to cops arresting him for DUI), but he’s soldiered on. It took a long time, but he has been rebuilding that career and now, as he’s turned 63, we’ve decided to take the celebratory approach by looking back at some of his most famous roles that have actually spanned the past 40 years.

Mel pretty much came storming out of the gate with one of his earliest roles, that of 1979’s Mad Max, anti-hero of a futuristic world in which he will do anything he needs to in order to avenge the murder of his wife and son. From there, though, he was smart enough not to get trapped by those kinds of roles and almost immediately turned towards playing romantic leads, period dramas, or straight-on action like the Lethal Weapon movies. Beyond that, he transformed himself into a director with a unique vision, bringing into the world films like The Passion of the Chris, Apocalypto, and Hacksaw Ridge.

To join us on this look back at the film roles of Mel Gibson, just scroll down below.