This is getting ugly. Meghan Markle may come off as the perfect Duchess of Sussex, but according to a new report, she’s not that easy to get along with. In fact, she’s allegedly been shaking things up at Kensington Palace ahead of her big move to Frogmore Cottage with Prince Harry.

Life & Style reported that the staffers are truly afraid of the 37-year-old. “Meghan is a perfectionist and gets stressed if things don’t go her way,” a source told the news outlet. “Her diva demands are wreaking havoc at the palace and staff are dropping like flies!”

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The insider added that, believe it or not, “Meghan seems to be even more demanding than the monarch. There have been whispers that working for Meghan is like a scene out of The Devil Wears Prada!” We wonder how Queen Elizabeth feels about that…

It’s even been said that Harry supports his wife’s irrational behavior. “What Meghan wants, she gets!” he was reportedly heard yelling around the palace in the weeks leading up to their May royal wedding.

According to a previous report from Heatpregnant Meghan’s birth plan has also started quite a rift. “Meghan is already drawing up a plan for the birth and beyond, and it’s unlike anything the royal family has ever seen,” a source told the news outlet. “She wants to break with tradition in so many ways — she wants to reflect the modern woman and has had enough of the pressure on her to adhere to tired conventions.”

The insider added, “Meghan doesn’t wait for anyone’s opinion, she just decides how things should be. Her royal minders have to remind her that she represents Britain not only her own interests but Meghan will not be deterred.” Yikes…

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