Meghan Markle will soon be moved out of Kensington Palace, but before she goes, the Duchess of Sussex is allegedly causing some controversy. According to Heat, pregnant Meghan’s birth plan has started quite a rift.

“Meghan is already drawing up a plan for the birth and beyond, and it’s unlike anything the royal family has ever seen,” a source told the news outlet of Prince Harry‘s wife. “She wants to break with tradition in so many ways — she wants to reflect the modern woman and has had enough of the pressure on her to adhere to tired conventions.”


“The biggest battle is where Meghan will give birth,” the source added. “She is a huge advocate of home births, but British royals are expected to give birth at the Lindo wing of St. Mary’s hospital in London.” Princess Diana, Kate Middleton, Pippa Middleton, and more have given birth at Lindo wing. Honestly, it sounds like quite a lovely place.

But Meg allegedly doesn’t care. “Meghan doesn’t want what she calls a ‘medicalized’ birth, and instead wants to have a pool set up in a relaxing environment. Even Harry found this surprising, but Meghan wants to ensure her birth is as natural as possible.” On top of that, “she’s spoken about wanting to breastfeed in public to help normalize it, and wants Harry to be seen carrying their baby — she’s making him practice with his nephew Prince Louis.”

Karwai Tang/WireImage

The 37-year-old’s behavior isn’t only affecting Harry — it’s also reportedly driving the royal staff crazy. “Meghan doesn’t wait for anyone’s opinion, she just decides how things should be,” the insider added. “Her royal minders have to remind her that she represents Britain not only her own interests but Meghan will not be deterred.”

But that doesn’t mean she’s not being questioned. The insider concluded, “She’s determined her child won’t be paraded around in Iittle shorts like Prince George. Her demands are starting to get on people’s nerves, and she’s being warned to be careful with Palace staff.”

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