Duchess of Sussex Meghan Markle has been in the spotlight for a while now, but instead of dealing with the press, she apparently just doesn’t. According to royal sources per Vanity Fair, “She feels to a degree the British press is out to get her and while she’s aware of the news and what’s going on, she tries her best not to read all the stories about her.” Yikes!

It’s a good thing that the mom-to-be is able to turn a blind eye considering Meg, 37, has been receiving a ton of harsh criticism the past week. Between reports of tension with her sister-in-law, Kate Middleton, mistreating palace staff, and not following British traditions, the former Suits actress supposedly makes no effort to read the negative stories about herself.

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“Meghan is a believer in karma and she doesn’t want to sit there reading negative online stories and comments about herself,” an insider said.

While Meghan steers clear of the British tabloids, her hubby, Prince Harry, can’t say the same. The red-headed royal supposedly often reads newspapers, including The Sun, which broke the news that the royal couple is apparently leaving London ahead of their baby’s birth.

Luckily for Meg, she has been receiving support from her royal family amidst the harsh criticism. British outlets are now reporting that courtiers are urging Meghan to reach out to Queen Elizabeth for support. In fact, word is that Elizabeth is ready to give her words of wisdom when the Duchess is ready!

Queen Elizabeth Meghan Markle
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A source told The Sunday Times, “Her Majesty has seen it all and could offer the Duchess some helpful advice at the moment,” adding, “Meghan would do well to nurture that relationship and pop over for the occasional cup of tea with the Queen.”

We hope Meg reaches out to the Queen for girl-time because we can’t imagine how much this negative banter is stressing her out. And being just a few months from giving birth to her first baby, the last thing Meg needs is unnecessary agony.

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