So it seems like Meghan Markle continues to shake things up as a new report reveals that Meghan wants to “break with tradition” and “reflect the modern woman.” And that will reportedly start with how she dresses her child.

While we usually see Kate Middleton and Prince William‘s son Prince George in shorts and looking sassy as sin, the magazine Heat is reporting that Meghan isn’t interested in following the British tradition of parading your kid around in shorts like you’re in Disney World and it’s 95 degrees. “She’s determined her child won’t be paraded around in little shorts like Prince George,” a source says. Is that shade on poor George?

Prince George
Getty Images

According to etiquette expert William Hanson, the reason George is always seen in shorts is because it’s a silent British class marker. William claims that trousers are considered “suburban” – a piece of clothing that no self-respecting royal would want to be seen wearing. In other words, we’re all peasants.

William also makes sure to say that the dress code goes all the way back to historic traditions that state “shorts are for little boys, trousers are for men.” Well since reports say that no child of Meghan will be seen in shorts everyday we wonder how she will dress or son or daughter who is due in early Mary. If Meghan and Prince Harry choose to throw ripped jeans on their child and faded band t-shirts we will be all for it. Party on royals. Party on.

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