It was just six months ago that the House of Windsor officially welcomed Meghan Markle in as she became Prince Harry’s wife. But fast-forward to today and Meghan has reportedly been shaking up the House of Windsor quite a bit.

According to the Daily Mail, palace insiders have shed some light on how Meghan has reportedly been behaving the last six months. Insiders claimed that Meghan is up and about at 5 a.m. (ugh, so early), sends palace aides six to seven texts a day talking about ideas and requests, and is even aiming to rewrite the rulebook when it comes to the royals. Sources also claimed that Meghan has been conducting a series of “undercover” missions to meet British people associated with good causes. So her heart is in a good place, she’s just a tad unorthodox in how she does things.

Meghan Markle Photo 2
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But something that Meghan is really shaking up is what she wears because Meghan is going to wear what Meghan wants to wear. “Meghan is being told she needs to start dressing less like a Hollywood star and more like a royal,” a source told the Daily Mail. Meghan has also been all about wearing black, which is typically worn by royals during a time of mourning.

And yet, even with all these claims of Meghan doing things in a way that no one has ever done them in the royal family before, she is reportedly very close to Queen Elizabeth. Meghan is so close with the Queen that Kate Middleton has reportedly felt snubbed. Poor Kate. But that didn’t stop Kate from just going with Prince William on a double date with Harry and Meghan.

See? Everyone is still trying to get along. And perhaps it is a good thing that Meghan is shaking things up. Sometimes change is good.

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