I’m sure the last double date that I had involved a diner and really bad movie. Although it did involve overpriced popcorn. And yet something tells me my double date wasn’t as lavish as the recent double date that four of the most famous people on the planet had.

According to E! NewsPrince Harry and Meghan Markle decided to join up with Prince William and Kate Middleton for quite the double date at the Royal Foundation Dinner at Victoria House in London on Thursday, Nov. 15. Now I myself have never been there but the name of the establishment alone makes me feel my name wouldn’t be on the list. Just a gut feeling. Singer Tom Walker was there to entertain the four. Hey, Tom even shared some photos on his Instagram that we could all gawk at.

Have a look!

Tom himself was pretty elated about the whole thing, writing, “I had the absolute honour of performing for and meeting The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge & The Duke and Duchess of Sussex…” And “honour” is just how English folks spell it because they are always oozing with fanciness. Always.

As far as the double date goes, everyone certainly seemed like they had quite the good time. And while we’re talking about double dates, do you know what type of dress Meghan wore to impress on the date? Oh, you know, just a Roland Mouret dress that clocks in at about $2,082. Pretty typical stuff, folks.

We’re just glad that Kate and Meghan got together and had a good time, especially since we recently heard that Kate has been feeling quite snubbed by Queen Elizabeth lately since she thinks the Queen is all about Meghan. Maybe this double date will help everyone get along again!

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