It’s no secret at all, but Meghan Markle has had a pretty rough go-around during her time in the royal family so far. From reports of her mistreating staff to not following British traditions, Meghan has been criticized quite a bit. But now reports are saying that not only are courtiers urging Meghan to reach out to Queen Elizabeth for support, but that the Queen is ready to support her.

A source told The Sunday Times, “Her Majesty has seen it all and could offer the Duchess some helpful advice at the moment,” adding, “Meghan would do well to nurture that relationship and pop over for the occasional cup of tea with the Queen. That is what Sophie Countess of Wessex has quietly done so well.”

Meghan and Queen Elizabeth
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Sophie is course Prince Harry‘s aunt, and was in a similar situation back when she married Prince Edward in 1999. But after reaching out to the Queen for some guidance she quickly became one of the busiest members of the royal family, even attending more engagements in 2017 than Harry or Prince William did. The source uses Sophie as an example, saying, “She will go over [to the Queen] for a chat, or take the children to watch some TV with her. She has built up that relationship, now they are incredibly close and discuss everything. Meghan doesn’t need an invitation — this is a family, after all.”

With all the drama and rumors of feuds that is currently occurring, it would probably be best for Meghan to heed the advice of those around her and reach out to the Queen in hopes of receiving some much needed support. And look, we get it. No one wants to go out of their way to talk to someone in their nineties, that’s why some of us struggle to call our grandparents. But this seems like the perfect time for Meghan to have some tea with the Queen.

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