Looks like living in London is rubbing off on Meghan Markle more than we could have ever imagined. This fall will mark two years since the former Suits star, 37, officially moved to the U.K. to be with now-husband Prince Harry and now she has trading in her American accent for an English one — complete with Britishisms too.

“Meghan’s definitely picked up the English accent and I’ve heard her use Britishisms,” a royal insider revealed exclusively to Closer Weekly. In fact, the lingo is in-line with the life she is leading now. “Like ‘I’m knackered’ — which means ‘tired’ — since Archie was born.”

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While that is a super-specific example of how she is using slang as a new mom, Meghan has also picked up on some everyday terms as well.

“She says ‘pants’ less and I’ve heard her say ‘bits and bobs,” a source told Vanity Fair.

The magazine’s royal correspondent doesn’t specify, but we’d assume Meghan is using “trousers” in lieu of “pants.” As for “bits and bobs,” Merriam-Webster defines that term as “things or objects of different kinds.” Sounds like this L.A. gal is going totally posh, huh?

We can just imagine how exhausted the Duchess of Sussex must be now that she is pulling mom duty on top of all her royal responsibilities. Sure, she has Harry, 34, to help her out, but they’re also likely getting a head start on planning their tour of South Africa this fall. It will be the family of three’s first trip since their bundle of joy was born.

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On top of that, they have a specific way in which they want to raise Archie — starting with the decision to not give their son a royal title like Prince William and Kate Middleton‘s three kids — Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis. Apparently they want Archie to “live a normal life” which means “chances are one day … [he’ll] have a career and job.”

Hopefully we’ll get to see Meghan’s English accent and use of Britishisms in the near future!

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