Family is forever! Though they’ve both penned sweet tributes to each other on social media since their 11-year Las Vegas residency officially came to a close this weekend, Marie Osmond has something else to tell brother Donny Osmond.

“To my brother, you have been with me [since], I mean, I don’t even remember [when] — because I’m younger,” Marie, 60, joked while getting emotional in a clip from The Talk‘s November 18 episode — which was filmed at the Flamingo Hotel & Resort, the famous sibling’s home since 2008. “But it’s just a really amazing thing to have somebody next to you that you know can read your mind and, if something goes wrong, we just know. That’s years and years of history.”

Donny Osmond Marie Osmond

Marie and Donny, 61, have shared many high points together during their respective careers — from their variety show to their talk show and everything else along the way. Everything in their past led them to this moment, which they treasured despite the “Paper Roses” singer’s recent knee injury. When it comes to these two, nothing will keep them apart.

“He has such a hard work ethic [and] I think he knows I do, but I love you,” Marie added. “I love him and I’ll always believe that the two of us were just meant to be kind of a glue and, as toxic as it can get at times, there’s nobody who can make me laugh more, there’s nobody who can make me cry more and there’s nobody who can make me mad more. That’s that sibling thing and I’m going to miss him and I think that’s the hardest thing is I’ll miss him night after night.”

Donny and Marie Osmond Perform at the Flamingo, Las Vegas
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In addition to Marie penning an Instagram tribute to Donny, the “I’ll Make a Man Out of You” had one of his own too.

“I owe the biggest thank you of all to my dear sister who worked so hard, side-by-side with me all of these years,” Donny wrote. “After 11 years and 1,730 shows, we just concluded the final performance of our #DonnyandMarie Las Vegas residency. I want to express my deepest thanks to everyone who came to see the show during our 11-year run here in Vegas. You’ve traveled from all over the world to see us perform. We feel and sincerely appreciate your loyal support.”

No matter where these two go from here, we know this is “not the end” for our favorite pair of sibling performers!

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