Before she became a material girl, Madonna was going through her teenage awkward phase just like the rest of us! In fact, during those days, the iconic pop star was busy making dresses for herself and her siblings to wear and she recently shared proof of her expert sewing skills in a funny throwback photo.

The 60-year-old hitmaker took to Instagram on Tuesday, January 29 to share a photo of herself before she was telling us all about La Isla Bonita (we can’t promise you the song puns will stop). In the throwback picture, the “Like a Prayer” singer can be seen standing next to her sister, Paula Ciccone, on the day of Madonna’s high school graduation. And while the image is a tad blurry, we can see that the pair had quite the colorful and patterned dresses for the special occasion.

“I was always so embarrassed we could not afford store-bought dresses,” the artist wrote in her caption. “In retrospect, I’m glad I learned how to use a sewing machine.” Madonna continued, “Notice no cleavage or bare knees. Papa Ciccone was very strict.”

Plenty of Madonna’s fans were loving the fun trip down memory lane, as one user commented, “Madonna and Paula, you both look stunning. Once again proves that you don’t need to be rich to have style and elegance.” Another person stated, “Such a beautiful post! Many young ladies are in the same boat and I really love that you shared your story … anything is possible with a dream and dedication!”

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This isn’t the first time that an Instagram post from the Queen of Pop has recently turned heads. When she shared a photo of herself posting with one of her cute twin daughters last week, people couldn’t get over how different Madonna looked sporting a very short, 1920s-esque hairdo. “But what if … 😍#photobomb.” One person commented on the pic, “You look best with black hair,” while another wrote, “Look 15 years younger!”

Well, in both photos, we’re just glad that Madonna … expressed herself (last one).