What a good mom! Madonna is one of the most successful musicians to ever live, so it makes sense that she wants her children to excel in their own careers as well. In fact, they may even be worth as much as she is someday.

According to PR expert Claire Shiels, the 59-year-old’s six kids, Lourdes, 21, Rocco, 18, Mercy, 12, David, 12, and twins Estere and Stelle, 5, have the potential to earn millions just like their famous mama. 

“I think if we look at the longer term, perhaps five to 10 years, then there is certainly that potential,” she explained to FEMAIL by Daily Mail. “Their mother is an extremely savvy businessperson and I’m confident that if they ask for her help, she will be able to create and mold career opportunities that could see them hitting those sorts of figures.”

Madonna is often sharing photos and videos of her children showing off their talents. For example, she often showcases son David playing soccer as well as the piano. “Although still very young, this media profile means David has earning potential with sporting brands, should Madonna choose to allow him to become a brand ambassador at this age,” Shiels explained. 

She continued, “It appears, however, that she has already pre-empted this by having David’s own, heavily controlled and edited Facebook account created for him; perhaps so she can begin to develop his own persona and generate demand which in turn will increase his earning potential.”

Madonna also posts photos and videos of her three other adopted children frequently. “Given the number of seemingly staged photos and videos which she posts on her own social media accounts, it could be argued that Madonna is using the three children to create an impression of family closeness and normality for the purposes of her own public persona.” Shiels added. “Given time, we are likely to see them also invariably being led into the spotlight.”

In fact, it was previously reported that Madonna is doing all she can to make sure her kids are famous someday! “Madonna adores every single one of her children and wants to use her influence to build them incredible careers,” a source recently told The Sun

He eldest, Lourdes, whom she welcomed with ex Carlos Leon in 1996, is allegedly pursuing a career in dancing. “Lourdes wants to train as a professional dancer. She will start to focus on dance properly as she graduates from her musical theatre course at a university in America soon,” a source told the news outlet.

Unlike his sister, Rocco, whom Madonna welcomed with ex-husband Guy Ritchie in 2000, is passionate about art. “His dream is to showcase his work at an exhibition,” a source shared. “Madonna is already lining up the best contacts for him in London’s art scene.”

While the source didn’t share the plans of the twins, they did note that Mercy is the one who would love to follow in her mom’s musical footsteps. “Her adopted daughter Mercy idolizes Kanye  [West] and is already writing raps and performing them while Madge moved to Portugal this year in support of David’s dream to become a footballer,” the insider shared.

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But don’t worry, Madonna is still focusing on her own career as well. In fact, “She has been in the studio for months. She wants to release new music towards the end of this year,” the source added. We can’t wait to hear her new songs!