Most people will do just about anything to maintain youthful skin, and Madonna is no exception! The 59-year-old took to Instagram on Tuesday, Feb. 6 to share the secret to her glowy complexion — and it’s seriously strange. Unlike the usual facials you may get from time to time, Madonna received this interesting “fork” facial. In the video, the esthetician smoothes two fork-like facial tools across the singer’s face, and the micro-currents from the devices reportedly tighten the skin up.

Watch the video below to see the unique facial in action.

In the video, Madonna applied a hilarious Instagram filter — which gave her brunette bangs and a cute blue bow in her hair. It also changed her voice to a high-pitched version of her usual soprano, making the video all the more funny. “I’m just getting a facial right now from an esthetician. Okay, her name is Skillets and she’s really good at doing a facial when I’m wearing my hair in bangs with a bow tie on my head,” the “Papa Don’t Preach” singer said during the silly video, commenting on the filter. “I just say, ‘Work around it, Skillets,’ and she does. I don’t know how she gets those tools under the hair but she does it.”

The mom-of-six also had some funny commentary on the tools used during the facial. “It’s amazing, look at this little facial happening with forks. Forks are really good, they tighten the skin,” she continued. “Have you tightened your face with a fork? Have you ever stabbed someone with a fork? I’ve done both. Anyway, it’s crazy.”

With a house full of young kids, it’s nice that Madonna finds time to take care of herself as well. The busy mom — who’s known for her charitable work in Malawi — has adopted four children from the African country throughout the years. Most recently, the humanitarian brought home twin girls Esther and Stella back in February 2017, joining David and Mercy and her two biological children, Lourdes and Rocco. It’s important for any mother to pamper herself every now and then — and it looks like Madonna chooses interesting fork facials.