So cute! Not only did Catherine Zeta-Jones post a sweet photo of her and her husband, Michael Douglas, for their 20th wedding anniversary, but she also shared a letter her father-in-law, Kirk Douglas, sent them.

The note which was dated on Tuesday, November 12, was addressed to both Michael and Catherine. It read, “Happy anniversary! Michael, you learned a very important lesson: to stay married you must obey your wife! Keep practicing what I do with my wife. Love, Kirk.” So funny!

Catherine shared the note alongside a black-and-white photo of her dancing with her husband and she penned the caption, “Dancing in to our 20th year! Happy Anniversary my love. Such a beautiful letter from my father in law. I am touched 😘😂.”

Michael’s father has been married to his wife, Anne Buydens, since 1954. Before Kirk’s 102nd birthday, the Wall Street actor opened up to Closer Weekly about what it was like growing up with Kirk as a dad.

“He taught me to never give up,” Michael gushed. “My dad was a movie star — having that name was good and bad. People think it’s a silver spoon. It’s not.”

Growing up in Kirk’s shadow was incredibly hard for Michael, but he managed to make his name just as popular as his father’s in due time. Now, he says all 3 of his kidsCameron, 40, Dylan, 19, and Carys, 16 — want to go into the same profession as him.

Michael Douglas and his family

“Right now, all three of my kids want to be actors — Cameron, Dylan, and Carys, and my niece, Kelsey,” he previously told Entertainment Tonight. “So that’s four of the next dynasty. Dad and I got about 120 years and about 130 movies, so it will be more and we just got a grandchild — little granddaughter Lua.”

Michael has no doubt his kids will be as successful as he is one day. That said, he does have a little bit of advice to give them. “Don’t do it if the only thing that’s going to make you happy is being a star,” he warned. “You gotta just love acting. The odds are so tough as it is, but if you have that passion, that joy. Look [at] me — I’m in my seventies now and it’s so great.”