It’s no secret that impeccable talent runs in the Douglas family — and it doesn’t just stop with Michael Douglas and Kirk Douglas! In a candid new interview, Michael, 74, revealed that his three children want to follow in their famous father and grandfather’s acting footsteps.

“Right now, all three of my kids want to be actors — Cameron, Dylan, and Carys, and my niece, Kelsey,” Michael recently told Entertainment Tonight at the premiere of his new Netflix series, The Kominsky Method. “So that’s four of the next dynasty. Dad and I got about 120 years and about 130 movies, so it will be more and we just got a grandchild — little granddaughter Lua.”

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Michael’s son Cameron, 39 — from his first marriage to Diandra Luker — previously made his acting debut in 1997’s Mr. Nice Guy and has worked as a performer on several other occasions since. Michael’s other children, Dylan, 18, and Carys, 15, from his second marriage to Catherine Zeta-Jones, have shown interest in pursuing a Hollywood career, too.

With his children wanting to follow in his footsteps, the Ant-Man actor has some inspirational advice that he wants to share with them. “Don’t do it if the only thing that’s going to make you happy is being a star,” he warned. “You gotta just love acting. The odds are so tough as it is, but if you have that passion, that joy. Look [at] me — I’m in my seventies now and it’s so great.”

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Michael really must enjoy acting so much considering the man has shown no signs of slowing down! Michael recently dished to OK! that he still has two or three projects as a producer in the works, as well as a miniseries that he is working on for TV. “I still have the Marvel movie franchise Ant-Man, which based on the success of the second one, there may be a third. Between those and another year of The Kominsky Method, I’m more than busy!” he explained.

The movie legend also just received his star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame — so we don’t blame him for not wanting to retire! The deserving actor was accompanied by Cameron, Catherine, and his father, Kirk, whom he says he owes all of his successes to. “It means so much to me, Dad, that you’re here today,” Michael said while receiving his star. “I’ll say it simply and with all my heart: I’m so proud to be your son.”