Ant-Man star Michael Douglas is thankful every day for his father, Kirk Douglas. In fact, the two don’t go long without talking — thanks to technology, the father and son duo get to FaceTime more often than you’d think. So cute!

“He’s still very sharp,” Michael told OK! of Kirk, 101, in a new interview. “He just discovered FaceTime on his phone. So now he calls me every night, which is a bit crazy!”


Later during his sit-down with OK!, Michael revealed he credits much of his Hollywood career to his screen icon dad. “When I first started, I was a very bad actor. My father came to see my first performance and was very honest about it. I asked, ‘How was I, Dad?’ [And He said], ‘You were not very good, son,'” he admitted.

Michael also revealed that while he was growing up, his father’s success “intimidated” him. “I always looked at him as the man I could never be,” he said. Luckily for Michael, he worked tooth and nail to improve his acting. He said it took him years, but he believes that he resembles Kirk “in my tenacity and my energy to complete a job” and that trusting his instincts is the secret to his success.

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Though he’s now in his 70s, Michael is showing no signs of slowing down. He still has two or three projects as a producer in the works, as well as a miniseries that he is working on for TV. “I still have the Marvel movie franchise Ant-Man, which based on the success of the second one, there may be a third. Between those and another year of The Kominsky Method, I’m more than busy!” he said.