For ten years, Kevin O’Leary has been a huge part of the extremely popular reality show Shark Tank — and along the way he has not only learned a lot about his costars, but he’s also realized why he may never get tired of walking on set everyday.

“It’s different every day — you just don’t know who’s going to walk through that door and I’ve been doing it for 10 years now and it just never gets old,” the 64-year-old exclusively told Closer Weekly after winning the award for Best TV Villain for Shark Tank at the 6th Annual Reality Television Awards. “The guest sharks are fantastic this year — we’ve got some new billionaires. Everybody wants to be on Shark Tank now which is great but it’s always a different dynamic, it’s always interesting and then you meet these entrepreneurs.”

“It’s so amazing how many young people watch it. There’s 9-18 year old women that are a huge demographic. Who knew that was going to happen?” the businessman added.

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Some of Kevin’s costars include the eccentric Mark Cuban, Daymond John, and Lori Greiner. However, Kevin revealed exactly who the biggest competitor is among the sharks. “Well I look at it this way,” the TV personality said. “There’s two sharks that I absolutely think are fantastic. One is Kevin O’Leary and the other is Mr. Wonderful. They’re both spectacular,” he joked, of course referencing himself both times.

While everyone on the judges panel is quite successful, Kevin explained that it is not exactly all about money, even if Mark is wealthier than Kevin. “Well you know it’s about helping entrepreneurs. We enjoy that so much. I mean, I always say to Mark, ‘I should invoice you for all you’ve learned off me. The structure of deals, royalty deals, all that stuff,'” he joked. “But you know we have it out all the time. The sharks enjoy each other. We’ve got to know each other obviously over all these years, but it’s very competitive in there. We don’t see the cameras anymore. We just see the deals.”

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On a more serious note, Kevin did touch on his costar Barbara Corcoran‘s brother, who recently passed away while in the Dominican Republic. “Barbara’s good. She’s very strong. She’s been through a lot of adversity in her life and you know she’s a very very interesting woman — there’s no question about it,” the cofounder of SoftKey said. “But the only reason she gets to Shark Tank on time is because I bought her a new broom. (laughs).”

Jokes aside, “I think we march on. I mean Barbara’s got lots of strength and we’re obviously very sad about the news but she’s taking a great show and she’s doing deals and she’s moving on. I think that’s what’s wonderful about her,” Kevin added. It certainly seems like this group is a tight one!

Reporting by Diana Cooper

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