For as much as we know Shark Tank star and so-called “Queen of QVC” Lori Greiner, we know little about her husband, Dan Greiner. Dan seems to do a good job staying out of the spotlight — we can’t even find a photo of the guy! — but off-camera, he's right by Lori’s side. He’s not just her spouse; he’s her colleague at her company, For Your Ease Only Inc. Scoll down to learn more about Lori and Dan!

He thought her company was going to be “so big”

Lori and Dan previously met at a bar in Chicago’s trendy Lincoln Park area. Dan worked as an assistant controller at a company called Bell & Howell Co. before he joined her company around 1999. He realized the business would be booming and soon signed on full-time. “I thought, ‘This is going to be big,’” he told Crain’s Chicago Business in 2009. Now he’s the company’s vice president and chief financial officer.

Lori and Dan literally work side-by-side

That same article mentioned that the lovebirds even share a partner desk in their Chicago home office… though they live in suburban Philadelphia, near the headquarters for QVC, for six months of every year. Thus, Dan has a front row seat to the “look” Lori gets when she has a flash of inspiration. “It’s thoughtful, looking up in the sky, with a slight smile like she just figured something out,” he told Crain’s. “By dinner, she’ll be writing it on a piece of paper.”

“I am amazed at their relationship,” Patrice Urban, a director of the Greiners’ QVC sales, told the newspaper. “I love my husband, but I’d kill him if I had to be with him 24/7.”

They’re demanding employers

“You do get those late-night phone calls,” Patrice told Crain’s of her work with the Greiners, also noting ruefully that she signed non-compete and non-disclosure clauses when she started at For Your Ease Only. “I signed away everything.” Well, Lori is a shark, after all!