If you’ve been paying attention to Mark Consuelos’ Instagram recently, you’ve probably noticed that the Live With Kelly and Mark cohost ventured to Italy for the weekend. One important thing was missing from his trip, though — his wife, Kelly Ripa!

Mark, 52, brought his daughter, Lola Consuelos, along with him to Italy instead of his longtime spouse. The father-daughter duo took the trip to watch the Campobasso Football Club play a game against Roma City on February 4. The Riverdale actor and the Emmy winner bought a minority stake in the team a few years ago and have been voicing their support for the football club ever since.

On Instagram, Mark shared a video montage of his time at the game with Lola, 22, as they sat in the stands and later congratulated the players on the field after their win. During the Tuesday, February 6, episode of Live, the Pitch alum, who also shares sons Michael and Joaquin with Kelly, 53, revealed that he indulged in “pizza, pasta and beautiful croissants” during his brief time overseas.

Kelly explained why she did not attend the soccer game with her husband and daughter. Mark had asked her to “fly with him to Italy for 24 hours.” The offer was simply unappealing to the New Jersey native. She replied, “I’m Kelly, have we met? No, I don’t want to fly to Italy for 24 hours.”

The longtime talk show host explained that if she ever travels to Italy, she would like for it to be “an extended vacation or for retirement.” The abrupt mention of her retirement wasn’t too out of the ordinary for Kelly, who mentions the subject on Live pretty often.

Mark Consuelos and Kelly Ripa red carpet
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In November 2023, the Hope & Faith alum explained that visiting Joaquin, 20, while he’s been away at college has led her to want to get her college degree in the future. Whether or not she plans to continue her work on daytime television for much longer remains to be seen.

“I didn’t go to college either, and every time I go to visit — our youngest son is at The University of Michigan  and every time I go to visit him … I’m like, I’m going to go to college here,” Kelly said during an episode of her “Let’s Talk Off Camera” podcast at the time.

She continued, “I’m finally going to when I retire from show business, I’m going to get my college degree and I can’t wait to go to the University of Michigan.”