Now that Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos‘ daughter Lola Consuelos is home for winter break from college, the mom of three has been digging into her archives to watch as many home videos with her kids as possible.

“Right now she’s at this phase where she loves seeing them as toddlers and babies,” Kelly, 49, explained about her 19-year-old daughter on the Wednesday, January 15, episode of Live!. “She just loves it and she wanted to see in particular a ballet recital where she refused to dance and started yelling at me to put the camera away, which is truly a classic and one of the great cinematic moments of our family.”

However, the best part about going back down memory lane was the reaction on Mark’s face. “So Mark was home and we were watching these movies together and he reached over and grabbed my hand and he said, ‘We really built a life together,’ and I got so emotional,” Kelly recalled. “And you know when you cry in front of your kids, it terrifies them and they’re just not sure why, and they were like, ‘Why are you crying? Are you OK?’ and I’m like, ‘No. These are just tears of joy. These aren’t tears of anger or rage.'”

The TV personality got even more emotional when the Riverdale star reached over to console her. “He’s got beautiful hands [and] I do fixate on them,” she said. “But he reached over and he just like touched me with his hand on my hand and I just got very emotional.”

Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos

Kelly’s cohost Ryan Seacrest was very moved by her story. “You’re [inspirational],” he told Kelly on the show. “I’m not married and I have a girlfriend and you inspire us. You guys make it work and it’s really wonderful.”

“Aww, I’m glad,” Kelly replied.

Even though Ryan isn’t married, he’s been learning a lot about married life from Kelly and Mark. The two tied the knot in 1996 and they have been together ever since!