After three years of dating, Ryan Seacrest, 43, still hasn’t popped the question to his girlfriend, Shayna Taylor, 26. Though he seemingly adores spending time with her, his Live! co-host, Kelly Ripa, and her husband, Mark Consuelos, apparently think that it’s time for Ryan to ask Shayna to marry him.

According to Life & Style, Kelly and Mark have grown to be very smitten with Shayna and can actually see her being Ryan’s wife. “They’ve been on his case for about a year now and think he’s almost ready,” the source said about Ryan possibly getting engaged to Shayna. “Kelly and Mark not only adore her, they also don’t want Ryan to lose her.”

Out of all of the women who Ryan has previously dated, Kelly, 48, and Mark, 47, seem to believe that Shayna is The One. But, apparently, Ryan hasn’t purchased an engagement ring for his girlfriend because he’s trying to build up the courage to propose first.

“Ryan is scared, but he trusts Kelly. He loves what she and Mark have and is slowly warming up to the idea of marriage,” the insider added. Ryan allegedly knows that Kelly is one of his most trusted friends and would never steer him wrong. Since Kelly and Mark noticed that Shayna would be a great match for Ryan, they have repeatedly told him that he should tie the knot before it’s too late.

Kelly Ripa Mark Consuelos
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“[They] ganged up on Ryan and told him he needs to pop the question or else he’ll lose Shayna,” another source previously told Life & Style. “[They] told Ryan he’s not getting any younger and he won’t find anyone better than Shayna.”

Kelly and Mark are reportedly hoping that their trusted friend can get married before he turns 45 years old. The clock is ticking so they are “putting pressure on him” to hurry and start a family.