Julia Roberts spent her birthday in isolation, but she definitely wasn’t alone! The Pretty Woman star, who is in Australia preparing to shoot a new romantic comedy, received lots of love — and huge arrangements of flowers — on her Oct. 28 birthday.

The most meaningful treat came from her husband, Danny Moder, and their three kids, who are home in California. “Danny and the kids made a Zoom call to Julia,” confides a friend. “They sang ‘Happy Birthday’ and had a small cake with candles that she virtually blew out.”

Now that their children, twins Finn and Hazel, 16, and Henry, 14, are all teenagers, Julia feels more comfortable leaving them home.

Julia Roberts and Danny Moder's Sweetest Quotes About Each Other
Courtesy of Danny Moder/Instagram

After her two-week mandatory isolation is over, Julia will begin filming Ticket to Paradise with her Ocean’s 11 costar George Clooney. In the film, the two Oscar winners play exes who fly to Bali together to try to stop their daughter from a hasty marriage.

“Julia’s in Sydney with her sister Lisa, who is also a producer on the film, and a team that includes writers, wardrobe people and crew. It’s a group that’s close to Julia,” says the friend.

The actress believes there’s no point in worrying about getting older. “I’m trying to have some peace with the aging process,” she says. “It’s going to happen whether I like it or not.”

To that end, Julia keeps fit by eating right, exercising and avoiding sun exposure. “She’s definitely less stressed out about things,” says the friend. “It’s an old cliché, but she really tries not to sweat the small things in life.”

In fact, Julia would much prefer to count her blessings. “She and Danny are still head-over-heels for each other,” says the friend. “And the older the kids get, the easier parenting becomes. Her biggest fear has always been that she is raising brats, so her life is all about setting a good example for her kids.”

Clearly, Julia’s doing a great job of that.