John C. Reilly Shops for Leather Bags at Local Flea Market With Wife Alison Dickey

Chicago star John C. Reilly had a very productive day with his wife, Alison Dickey, when they left their two sons at home to take a quick trip to the flea market. The pair browsed a couple of items before deciding what they wanted to buy. At one point, John, 54, was seen shuffling through a coat rack for something good to take home.

The comedian and his wife have been married since 1992 and they’ve treasured every day together. In a previous interview with IndieWire, Alison recalled her love story with John and said she’s so proud of everything he’s accomplished.

“We’ve been together a long time,” the film producer explained. “I’ve seen the whole trajectory of his career. I’m so well aware of what he’s capable of doing. I always feel somewhat satisfied and somewhat unsatisfied after I watch a film of his, just in terms of wanting to get the whole palette.”

The couple ended up working together on the 2018 film The Sisters Brothers. After watching John’s performance as Eli in the movie, Alison was thoroughly impressed.

“One of the beautiful things about his performance in the film is that it really showcases his range both as a dramatic actor, but also being able to find comedy in a situation,” she explained. “That’s what John’s interested in. Comedy just comes out of reality. That’s one of the beautiful things about his acting. It’s just so tied to truth.” We couldn’t agree more!

John later told Hollywood Reporter, “It’s the most difficult movie I’ve ever produced. That said, it’s the only movie I’ve ever produced. Everyone who got involved with this movie, by the end of the process, I felt like we each were putting our own personal mark on it, our own personal emotional backstory from our own lives into the material. And that includes the crew and the horses and everyone else. So it was difficult to make, but it was a real labor of love.”

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