Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck continue to attend therapy for their children’s sake, but Jennifer is also taking time to get more serious with her boyfriend of eight months, John Miller. And a source is revealing that the pair are falling for each other big time.

A source recently spoke to Life & Style magazine and revealed that the 46-year-old actress and the 40-year-old burger CEO are “very much in love” and are ” stronger than ever.” The source was not done handing out more juicy bits of info as they also said that John sleeps over at Jen’s place from time to time because “it’s easier to go there.” And while John has reportedly already met Jen’s kids, 13-year-old Violet, nine-year-old Seraphina, and six-year-old Samuel, he would rather not run into them. You know, because of the awkwardness. “Jen doesn’t want them to see him in the morning at breakfast,” the source added. “He will arrive late at night and leave very early the next morning.”

Jennifer Garner
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And perhaps it’s getting very serious as late last month a source told the outlet that Jennifer was “planning to spend the upcoming holidays together” with John. The source also added that Jennifer and John’s relationship “continues to be extremely serious” and that “John is head over heels in love with Jennifer.”

So it certainly sounds as if Jennifer is making everything work for herself, which is a great thing to hear. She’s even somehow found time to spend hours in the kitchen to teach Bradley Cooper how to cook. Allegedly of course. And yes, Bradley was in that cooking movie you never saw and he still didn’t learn how to cook. As for Ben, well he seems to be doing better as well as he and Jennifer have been seen hanging out with their kids and going to church. Plus, Ben probably won’t have to play Batman ever again. And that’s good for everyone.