Jumping back into the dating game is never easy. And if you were in a more than 10-year relationship with your ex, like Jennifer Garner, then it’s definitely not going to be a walk in the park! But luckily for Jennifer, she can rely on her friends to help her navigate the dating world, and according to Life & Style, her besties just gave her the best dating advice from the perfect outfit to wear to great conversation topics.

“They told her, avoid talking about Ben Affleck, don’t spend all night discussing the kids, and most importantly, no more mom jeans!” an insider told the magazine. Though we doubt Jen would be wearing “mom jeans” around her new boyfriend, John Miller, she should definitely not bring up Ben or his life post-rehab. The best thing that Jen can seemingly do is to keep the conversation very fun, light, and not about her former flames!

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Jen’s friends are seemingly just looking out for the actress and don’t want her to scare John away by bringing Ben up all the time. “They just want Jen to let loose and get back in touch with her sexy side,” the source said. “Fortunately, John likes the whole Jen package!”

Since John and Jennifer have been dating for about seven months now, he’s probably gotten used to being around Jennifer and her sweet, quirky personality. They have such a great relationship that Jen has already reportedly introduced John to her three kids, Violet, 12, Seraphina, 9, and Samuel, 6, which made their dad, Ben, very angry.

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“When Ben and Jen met up with the kids, they kept talking about mommy’s new friend and how much fun he was,” a source recently revealed to the UK’s Heat magazine. “They were saying how [John] knows how to cook and doesn’t like alcohol, which really got to Ben.” If Jen already introduced John to her kids then she must want him around for the long haul!