Family is everything. James Brolin loves when he gets to spend time with his 1-year-old granddaughter, Westlyn. In an exclusive interview with Closer Weekly, the actor gushes over how great it’s been to be her grandfather. 

“The baby is the most darling thing I’ve ever seen,” the grandfather of three to Westlyn, Trevor, 32, and Eden, 26, exclusively tells Closer Weekly. “Believe me, if I thought the baby was a little weird looking, I probably wouldn’t say it to you. But it is just the opposite end. Everybody that’s around this child goes, ‘Oh my God.'”

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When Westlyn comes over to visit, she enjoys going “swimming” and having “dinner” with the Oscar winner and his wife, Barbra Streisand, which happens about once a week. But because of the coronavirus pandemic, the two actors make sure they’re wearing face masks whenever Westlyn or any of their grandchildren stop by.

“It’s been a little more difficult but so fun that they will allow themselves to come over here,” James, who signed on to be the narrator for the new Netflix/DC Comics series Sweet Tooth, produced by Robert Downey Jr., says. “We haven’t been anywhere in three to four months, Barbra and I. And Josh has had meetings but that’s it.”

Now that Josh Brolin and wife Kathryn Boyd are expecting baby No. 2, James and Barbra’s life is about to get a bit busier, but they don’t mind. “I am so stoked,” James gushes about his life as a grandad. But even though the Avengers star and Kathryn notified their fans about her pregnancy on July 7, their family members knew way before that.

“First they told us very early on and said, ‘Don’t tell anybody,’ and I think that’s because she wanted to have her sonograms back and be sure of everything. And then when they found out it was another girl and [they] told us, we just were jumping up and down,” James gushes. “You get another one like [Westlyn,] there couldn’t be anything better!”

As the family patiently awaits the child’s arrival, Barbra, who is not blood-related to any of her grandchildren, will continue to turn into “mush” whenever they stop by. “She just turns to melted putty the minute … they talk on the phone,” the Life in Pieces actor says. “They send videos every other day of what the kid is doing. So we’re all very close.”

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Reporting by Diana Cooper