Now that Prince Harry and Meghan Marke‘s royal baby has finally arrived, you must be curious about where exactly he’ll fall in line to the throne.

It’s true that Prince Charles is next in line to take the crown after Queen Elizabeth. After him, the duty passes down to Prince William. Then comes his three kids with Kate MiddletonPrince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis. Finally, it’s Prince Harry‘s turn before it reaches Baby Sussex.

Therefore, Prince Harry’s son is seventh in line to take throne. Though he may never reign, Harry’s uncle, Prince Andrew, will be next in line after Baby Sussex and then the responsibility will be passed down to Princess Beatrice, followed by Princess Eugenie. Interesting, right?!

The royal family
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At, 93 years old, Queen Elizabeth’s reign won’t last forever. Even though there will be a day when Prince Charles, 70, with take the throne and undoubtedly do a great job, Princess Diana‘s former butler Paul Burrell believes William be a better king than his father.

“[William] has far less baggage than his father,” he explained to Us Weekly. “He has his mother’s touch and has the ability to reach, to listen and to be understanding. It would take the monarchy to another level and back onto the world stage in a proper and meaningful way.”

Prince Charles, Prince Harry and Prince William
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Paul also believes many people share this belief. “I do not think that the nation has a keen appetite to see [Charles] sit beside his queen, Camilla [Duchess of Cornwall]. I think that the nation would be quite happy for the crown to pass from him to his first son, William,” he continued. “Ask the nation because I think that there is a greater number that would rather see King William VI and Queen Catherine ascend the throne.”

What do you think?!