It may be some time before we see Prince William replace father Prince Charles as the new King of England, but Princess Diana‘s former butler already believes the young royal will be better in the role than dear ol’ dad.

“[William] has far less baggage than his father,” Paul Burrell tells Us Weekly. “He has his mother’s touch and has the ability to reach, to listen and to be understanding. It would take the monarchy to another level and back onto the world stage in a proper and meaningful way.”

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The 60-year-old, who was also a footman to Queen Elizabeth before he assisted the Duke of Cambridge, 36, and Prince Harry‘s mom, believes the country feels the same way he does. “I do not think that the nation has a keen appetite to see [Charles] sat beside his queen, Camilla [Duchess of Cornwall]. I think that the nation would be quite happy for the crown to pass from him to his first son, William,” he explains. “Ask the nation because I think that there is a greater number that would rather see King William VI and Queen Catherine ascend the throne.”

Burrell also adds that he believes the country is ready for a “young king in touch with the people.” “Diana’s son with a beautiful queen and an adorable family is a totally different proposition and would uphold the future and longevity of the monarchy,” he said. And yet, the former royal servant doesn’t believe the 70-year-old will give up his position. “I very much doubt whether he would give up his right to be king easily,” he notes.

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For those of you that are hoping to see Harry as the next king, that may take a while — or never happen at all. After William, the next in line will be his oldest son, Prince GeorgePrincess Charlotte would be next, followed by Prince Louis. Then it would finally be the Duke of Sussex’s turn. So it’s not very likely. In fact, Meghan Markle‘s husband, 34, once had quite the response when a student at Lambs Lane Primary School in Berkshire, England, asked him if he would ever be king.

“That’s the question everybody wanted, let’s be honest! You’ll be glad to know, probably not!” Harry responded. “Oh, look at the disappointment! I love that! I’m going to give you a high-five.”