For more than a decade, Lara Spencer has been a pivotal part of the Good Morning America team that greets viewers on the program each morning. Fans grew curious about her future on the talk show after she teased an emotional new chapter happening in her life. Scroll below to find out whether Lara has any plans to leave the series. 

What Happened to Lara Spencer?

In an emotional May 2023 Instagram post, Lara revealed that some big changes were affecting her and her family. Her daughter, Katharine “Kate” Haffenreffer, waved farewell to high school and is preparing to head off to college in just a few months. 

“Last day of senior year at Greenwich Academy for this amazing group of girls,” the broadcaster captioned a photo of her daughter and her friends. “What a joy it’s been watching you grow into incredible young women over the last four years. Big mix of feelings today for all I am sure — moms included.”

Courtesy of Lara Spencer/Instagram

In late 2021, Lara revealed on Instagram that her daughter committed to Vanderbilt University and would be joining the lacrosse team at the college following her high school graduation. 

“So proud of you, Kate,” she gushed over her daughter’s achievement in another sweet October 2022 Instagram caption. “Nashville here we come!”

The TV personality currently lives in Connecticut with her husband, Rick McVey, whom she married in 2018. Lara also shares one son, Duff Haffenreffer, with her ex-husband, David Haffenreffer, whom she was married to from 2000 to 2015. 

Though Nashville is a bit far from Connecticut, it’s clear that Lara could not be happier for Kate and her upcoming freshman year of college. 

Is Lara Spencer Leaving ‘GMA’?

While there are some big changes going on in her personal life, Lara has not announced any plans to leave GMA. In fact, the newscaster proved her dedication to the program after returning to work following foot surgery earlier this year. 

“A torn plantar plate and ligament in my foot that’s been slowly getting worse and worse FINALLY fixed by the magnificent Dr. O’Malley at HSS today,” she shared in an Instagram post in January 2023 while showing off the boot on her foot. “Didn’t want to miss my daughter’s last soccer season or the holidays, so here we are! Rollin’ into 2023 like … well, I’m not exactly sure but it should be interesting at work!”

At first, Lara had to rely on a scooter to get around at work. She continued undergoing physical therapy after taping episodes of GMA each week. A few weeks after her return to TV, the mom of two no longer had to wear a boot on her foot. She excitedly shared a video strutting her stuff down the hallway at GMA wearing a pair of fuzzy slippers in February 2023.