Two new additions have made their way into the Napier family! Home Town’s Erin and Ben Napier dished on their latest arrivals during an appearance on The Jennifer Hudson Show on Tuesday, February 20.

“I know you have some new additions in the family. What is that?” host Jennifer Hudson asked the couple, who appeared via video chat.

“Yeah, so we have two. Have you ever heard of the saying, ‘That dog won’t hunt?’ So we have two dogs that wouldn’t hunt,” Ben, 40, told viewers as a photo of their two new dogs flashed across the screen. “They are hunting school dropouts. “

“These are like very expensive like if you buy a hunting dog from this company, it’s several thousand,” the woodworker added.

Additionally, Erin, 38, revealed on Instagram that the new pups are named Finn and Annie.

“They’re like champion bloodline dogs, but these dogs wouldn’t get in the water and they wouldn’t retrieve and they were like, ‘You can just have them.’ So we have adopted hunting school dropouts,” the graphic designer told Jennifer, 42.

The home improvement power couple are parents to daughters Helen and Mae, whom they have been raising in their stunning 1920s cottage in Laurel, Mississippi. They also own a vacation home in the countryside, which has turned out to be the perfect place for their dogs to roam around and play.

“Have they gathered any hobbies? What are they into? What do they like to do?” the American Idol alum asked Erin and Ben during the episode.

“They are really into fetching, which the girls love,” Ben shared. “They’re really into snuggling.”

While it’s been a lot of fun having two new pets around, Erin explained that Finn and Annie have been “tearing up” the family’s shoes. The comment earned some laughs from the crowd.

Erin and Ben Napier behind the scenes of HGTV's 'Home Town'
Courtesy of Erin Napier/Instagram

Erin also shared a photo of the dogs on her Instagram page in October 2023. Fans were curious to know more about the breed, where they came from and how they have been getting along with Helen, 5, and Mae, 2.

“They’re so cute! Are they litter mates? We just adopted brothers, and it has been so fun seeing them grow and play together,” one person asked in the comments section of the post.

“They are!” Erin responded. “They were supposed to be duck dogs and have been through all the training, but they don’t like water. So they were gifted to us!”