Erin and Ben Napier are hitting the road. The HGTV duo revealed plans to leave Laurel, Mississippi, to focus on season 3 of Home Town Takeover.

The third season of the Home Town spinoff will take place in Sebring, Florida, which they described as a “beautiful lake city.”

“It’s a new location and you’ve probably never heard of it because it’s not tourist Florida, which is our favorite Florida,” Ben, 40, told viewers during an appearance on The Jennifer Hudson Show on Tuesday, February 20.

“It’s off the beaten path. It’s not the beach. It’s not the amusement parks,” Erin, 38, said.

The college sweethearts admitted that they definitely have their work cut out for them in the new season of their home improvement series.

“It’s a really interesting town that we are really excited — We are cautiously optimistic about it,” the woodworker added. “But this show is really hard to make and we have … a lot of special guests coming and a lot of people coming in to help, but there’s going to be a lot of work that’s going to go into it.”

As if fans couldn’t wait to hear more, the duo revealed that “someone from Home Town past” will be joining Home Town Takeover for the new season.

“The real Home Town fans are going to be very excited to see someone who is a part of Takeover season 3,” Erin shared.

Viewers are hoping to see the return of Mike Husers, also known as “Mike the Floor Guy,” who has been absent from the franchise in recent seasons.

“Guys, I know y’all miss Mike. We do too! He’s on a leave of absence caring for a family member with a long-term illness,” Erin wrote in a January 2022 tweet after Home Town watchers grew concerned over Mike’s disappearance. “We’re in good hands though with our new hardwood restoration experts Terry and Mike (!) You’re going to love them!”

Ben Napier kisses Erin Napier on the cheek
Courtesy of Erin Napier/Instagram

Season 1 of Home Town Takeover previously brought the couple to Wetumpka, Alabama, to help restore the town. In season 2, Erin and Ben were joined by HGTV’s Dave and Jenny Marrs to help tackle the transformation of Fort Morgan, Colorado.

Erin and Ben currently live in Laurel with their two daughters, Helen and Mae. In addition to their 1920s cottage, they also own a second country home in Mississippi. After helping restore Laurel on Home Town, Erin and Ben can’t imagine a better place to live with their girls.

“I want them to travel and see the world, but I want them to come back home and do something important here to really contribute,” Erin told People in December 2021. “If all the young people leave the places that they’re from, that’s when towns die.”