HGTV’s Home Town has introduced several experts who have helped hosts Erin and Ben Napier complete their home renovation projects. Mike Husers, also known as “Mike the Floor Guy,” has been noticeably absent from the series after assisting with several tiling jobs. Keep scrolling to find out what happened to him. 

What Happened to Mike on ‘Home Town’?

Longtime fans of the series began questioning Mike’s absence after the season 6 premiere in December 2021. Eventually, Erin took to Twitter to explain what happened to the beloved flooring master.

“Guys, I know y’all miss Mike. We do too! He’s on a leave of absence caring for a family member with a long-term illness,” the graphic designer explained in a January 2022 tweet. “We’re in good hands though with our new hardwood restoration experts Terry and Mike (!) You’re going to love them!”

What Happened to Mike on ‘Home Town’? Absence Explained 
Courtesy of Erin Napier/Instagram

Two years prior, Erin launched a fundraiser to support Mike before he had back surgery. The Lantern House author was able to raise more than $19,000 for her colleague.

“​​America’s favorite hardwood floor restoration expert, Mike Husers, has an impending surgery to fix a hip injury from years of crouching and sanding,” she wrote on the fundraiser website. “Walking and working are becoming increasingly difficult so let’s show Mike we love him and make his surgery cost and the eight-week recovery away from work (which will be harder for him to walk away from than the recovery itself) a little easier. Thanks far and wide to his many fans!”

After raising the money, Erin gave another update on the home improvement star and his road to recovery. 

“Mike was out most of the season with decades-long hip injuries, awaiting surgery,” she tweeted in March 2021. “There are a few fleeting appearances! He had surgery last month and is doing well, we’ve heard.”

Is Mike Coming Back to ‘Home Town’? 

As for Mike’s social media presence, he’s been pretty private about his surgery and leave of absence from the show. One thing that is certain is that the GM Hardwood Floors owner is grateful for the opportunities that the HGTV couple gave him. 

“I had known Ben and Erin for a few years, since refinishing some floors in a building they were restoring in downtown Laurel,” he said in an October 2017 interview with Hardwood Floors Magazine. “When they started filming the pilot episode of Home Town, Ben asked if I wanted to do the floor restoration. I agreed and was later asked to be a part of the first season.”