Look again! Fans of Ben Napier had to do a double take over a recent photo shared by his wife, Erin Napier, as the HGTV star looked like he was naked while cooling off with a sprinkler outside.

Erin, 38, took to her Instagram on April 13 to share a carousel of photos promoting the Sunday, April 14, episode of their show, Home Town. The first snap gave fans a bit of a shock, as a shirtless Ben, 40, leaned over a sprinkler and let the water wash over his face. At first glance, it appeared like the TV personality was also pantsless, but a closer look showed that he was wearing tan-colored shorts or swim trunks.

Fans in the comments admitted that they had to take another glance at the photo to see that Ben wasn’t really naked.

“I wasn’t expecting a naked Ben in my feed! I’m sure he has shorts on but I had to double take!” one user wrote.

“At first Thought Ben was enjoying the natural look!!!!!” another fan added, while a third person commented, “I’m not gonna lie, I zoomed in.”

The carousel also included a photo of daughter Mae, 2, sitting on top of a table covered by an umbrella, as well as a close-up of a wooden project. In the caption, Erin revealed that the episode was filmed during “the absolute most brutal heat wave I can remember in my lifetime.”

“It was just so hot. So. HOT,” she added.

Fans Think Ben Napier Looks Naked in New Photo Shared by Erin
Erin Napier/Instagram

Though fans were surprised to see the woodworker appear on his wife’s Instagram in such a way, it wasn’t Erin’s first time sharing a shirtless photo of her husband, whom she married in November 2008. The designer shared one of Ben’s shirtless gym selfies in September 2023 in honor of his 40th birthday. In the caption, she wrote that he “worked so hard this year to rehab” and “transform” himself after having surgery on his shoulder.

Erin also shared a photo of a shirtless Ben building Mae and daughter Helen, 6, travel easels.

Erin’s post comes days after she slammed critics who have left “rude” and “nasty” comments on her Instagram account recently.

“The comments on my Instagram have been really, not nice, really rude, some of you guys,” she said in a video on April 2. “Y’all realize we design these houses for people who really live in them, and they really read your comments. You’re not hurting my feelings at all. But you are being really ugly to the people who are living in these houses. If you can’t think of something nice to say about these people’s homes.”

Ben added, “But here’s the thing. I’m afraid that a lot of people out there are being rude and being mean because they want to be hurtful. And that’s the saddest thing about social media.”