Like many other Super Bowl 2024 viewers, Hoda Kotb’s eldest daughter, Haley, wanted to get to the bottom of Travis Kelce’s sideline squabble with Andy Reid.

“When Travis Kelce pushed his coach, my daughter said, ‘Why did he do that? Why did he push that older man?’” Hoda told Today viewers during an episode on Monday, February 12, with Jenna Bush Hager. “[Travis] was frustrated he wasn’t in the game, there was a fumble, all that frustration. But all a little kid saw was a ‘strong guy pushing an older man.'”

The tense moment was caught on camera between Travis, 34, and the Kansas City Chiefs coach and sent the internet into a firestorm. Many felt the tight end’s behavior in that moment was “unacceptable.”

“I’m with Haley,” Jenna, 42, confessed. “I was the Haley of that situation. I kept asking Henry [Hager], ‘What’s happening here?’ You want to be a team, and part of being a team is you respect the coach. It’s sportsmanship. And I was trying to teach my kids that.”

“It’s weird because I don’t think so many young girls have been into football until this game. I don’t know that my daughters would have been watching it … for him,” Hoda responded.

Hoda Kotb on Daughter's Reaction to Travis Kelce Pushing Coach
Courtesy of Hoda Kotb/Instagram

After winning the game against the San Francisco 49ers, Travis addressed pushing Andy, 65, before heading out to celebrate the victory with girlfriend Taylor Swift.

“Man, I was fired up — I was fired up that we weren’t hitting on all cylinders,” he said during an ESPN interview. “I had to give Big Red a love tap and let him know that we were all here fighting for him no matter what. I just had to tell him I loved him real quick.”

Hoda Kotb daughter Haley with grandmother
Courtesy of Hoda Kotb/Instagram

The newscaster, who also shares daughter Hope with ex-fiancé Joel Schiffman, posted photos from her Super Bowl viewing party on her Instagram account. Both of her kids wore T-shirts supporting Travis, with the phrase “Go Taylor’s boyfriend” written on the front.

Jenna went on to say that her eldest daughter, Mila, went to a Super Bowl party and mentioned that Nickelodeon also broadcasted the game. During the game, virtual slime was poured on the players’ heads. “So, what was the deal with, like, the slime pouring on the football player’s head?” Mila, 10, asked her mom.

“Mila, were you watching it on Nickelodeon?” Henry, 45, asked, to which the youngster responded, “Was there a normal way to watch it?”

As for whether or not Mila enjoyed watching the game, she simply responded, “Mid,” meaning it was mediocre.