Hoda Kotb Has the Same Guilt Many New Moms Likely Have!

Don't feel bad Hoda Kotb! Every new mom enjoys a nice snooze from time to time.

The Today star and her BFF Kathie Lee Gifford recently traveled to Nashville for the CMT Awards — and Hoda admitted she felt a little guilty about being fond of her alone time without her three-month-old baby daughter, Haley, especially her sleep.

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"We went away for one night when we were in Bermuda for a shoot there, so this is my second time away," Hoda, 52, said to E! News. "It is a little weird I have to say."

Kathie Lee immediately made her feel better. "But you do get a good night's sleep!" Hoda then admitted back, "You finally sleep and it's weird. I feel a little guilty saying that."

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However, at home, Hoda has the perfect life with her little girl and her boyfriend of four years, Joel Schiffman. "Joel and I celebrated four years," Hoda told the news outlet. "Life flies by. It's so funny because you spend so much of your life wondering, ‘When is it going to happen?' If ever. Sometimes in my life, I thought it was already happening— like the most that could ever happen was happening. I was happy and grateful, and then this happened. It just reminded me that work is work, and life is life." So true, Hoda!

Click through the gallery below to see the cutest photos of baby Haley!