It’s only been five months since Hilaria Baldwin gave birth to her son Romeo, but the mom-of-four is already contemplating possibly adding baby number five into the mix! “I think about it a lot,” Hilaria said in an Instagram story posted on Monday, Oct. 29. “When I’ll have a day that’s really hard with the kids and I’m like, ‘No more kids!’ And then I have a day where they’re like really cute like this and I’m like, ‘I could have another one.’ We’ll see.”

Hilaria, 34, has been married to actor Alec Baldwin, 60, since 2012, and together, the beautiful couple has four childrenCarmen, 5, Rafael, 3, Leonardo, 2, and the newest addition, five-month-old, Romeo. Since the bundle of joy arrived and made the Baldwin clan a party of six, the couple admits that things have gotten a little rambunctious. “It’s like one continuous thing,” Hilaria revealed to Hola! USA. “By 6 a.m. everybody’s up, and it’s hectic. I’m in the bathtub with the kids, trying to get everybody ready.”

The Living Clearly Method author explained that she has to juggle getting Carmen off to Kindergarten, Rafa off to preschool, and taking care of two youngest babies at home, all while trying to work on her podcast. It must not be easy to raise four kiddos and manage a professional life, but it seems like Hilaria has a good handle on it so far.

After Romeo’s arrival in May, she took to Instagram to share an update on how their family dynamic changed since baby number four was born. “It’s been tough getting our new family-of-six oriented with all of the necessary quarantining,” Hilaria wrote on Instagram at the time. “The recovery from birth, the beginnings of breastfeeding again, the sleepless nights, taking care of sick toddlers, doctor visits, my own health… I just keep on saying ‘we got this.’”

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And with a family so close, it’s no surprise that Hilaria also admitted that their four children seem to be developing personality traits similar to her and Alec — which we wouldn’t say is a bad thing! “Alec and I are very, very different, but we’re similar in some ways,” she expressed to Hola. “We’re both very dramatic; we’re very strong-willed; we’re kind of loud. I think that our kids, especially Carmen, are very much like us. With my husband, she likes to sit down and watch something. She has the capacity to be able to sit down and complete something— where I’ll do it if I have to, but I don’t want to.”

Hilaria is such a supermom, so we wouldn’t be surprised if she and Alec decided to have a fifth baby. It looks like we’re just going to have to stay tuned to see if the Baldwinitos add a fifth little cutie into the mix!