Proud mom Hilaria Baldwin is enjoying every moment with her four kids and that includes taking nearly identical photos of them as babies, making it into a collage, and sharing it on Instagram!

On July 17, Alec Baldwin's 34-year-old wife decided to play a game with her 355,000 followers by asking them to tell her kids apart in a four-way collage photo of Carmen, Rafael, Leonardo, and Romeo as infants. And, after seeing the pic, we have to admit that spotting the differences between Alec and Hilaria's lookalike children is harder than it seems!

"We make one kind of baby… same recipe, I guess?! Let's play: 'Guess that baby'… ready, set, go! I'll post the answers tomorrow," she captioned the first collage of her kids and fans quickly played along.

"Clockwise: Leo, Carmen, Romeo, Rafa. Where’s my prize?!" one fan wrote and another said, "Lower left: Carmen; Upper left: Leo; Upper right: Romeo; Lower right: [Rafael]." Most of Hilaria's fans were confident that they were able to guess the right baby but others just gave up. "They all look the same!!!!!" one more fan added.

Luckily the next day, Hilaria set the record straight by posting another collage of her kids online but this time she included the names by their photos. "Here is the answer from yesterday's photo… swipe to the last image for the names! The other two photos everyone is in the same position… and happy two months Romeo," she wrote on Instagram.

Although Hilaria's kids looked very alike as babies, her two oldest children, Carmen, 4, and Rafael, 3, are a lot bigger now and are growing into little adults with the help of their dad, Alec. "Alec and I don’t want to do much else other than be with the kids right now, because they’re so fun," Hilaria previously told Parents magazine.