Alec Baldwin's wife, Hilaria Baldwin, is opening up about a very difficult time in her life — when she battled an eating disorder. In a series of recent social media posts, the yoga instructor and mom-of-four raised awareness about her past diagnosis.

"Eating disorders are founded in realty [sic]. Those of us who have struggled or who are still struggling use eating, not eating, bulimia, etc. as coping for when we feel ungrounded or out of control," she wrote on an Instagram story. "I have found that being healthy is about not focusing on weight and rather on how I feel, how strong I am, and how healthy I am. Weight and how you look are side-effects. Not the main focus. When I started focusing on health, my obsession with weight went away. They should not be confused."

The conversation sparked after Hilaria posted a photo of herself in a bikini holding her newborn baby boy, Romeo, with the caption, "In my book, The Living Clearly Method, I opened up about growing up with an eating disorder. I turned to yoga, health and wellness to heal my body and my mind." She added, "I think back to my old self and how much I would have struggled with gaining weight during pregnancy and being patient with healthfully losing it. I’m so happy I can be a strong and happy mommy now, completely accepting of my body."

Hilaria previously welcomed Romeo on May 17, and she's been showing off her post-baby body on social media ever since. "Every body is different, but I believe in staying as active as possible. There were so many moments when I didn't want to work out this pregnancy. Showing up is the most difficult challenge. I had to drag myself out and do even a little," she wrote in a recent post.

"Consistency helped me so much though… because the body wants attention and wants to be moved. So important for your circulation, your health, your happiness, and for your strength," she continued. "Slow and steady. Nothing crazy. Each birth is different and your doctor will be able to advise you on when you can begin. When you can, be patient with your body. You have been through so much and created something so precious. Know that day by day, movement by movement, you will regain your strength and feel amazing." Hilaria is such an inspiration, if you ask us!