This is a parenting moment no mother or father wants to go through! Sadly, Alec Baldwin and Hilaria Baldwin‘s daughter, Carmen, was recently bullied at school, and the two had to console her after the tough day. But luckily for Carmen, they ended up giving her the best advice! The four-year-old was incredibly mature about the situation, even though the bullying incident made her “sad.” Watch the video below to see Alec and Hilaria’s sweet parenting moment!

“The theme today is bullying… Carmen came home from school yesterday, telling me that some of her friends were not nice to her. I had her tell the story again when Alec got home,” Hilaria wrote in her Instagram caption. “She is very sensitive and, as of now, seems to be the one to get her feelings hurt rather than the one doing the hurting. I really want to guide her well through this.”

“I am encouraging her to express how she feels, be open with us, and think about how she can do it better the next time around. I love that she understands that just because someone had a not so namaste moment, it doesn’t make him or her a bully or mean he or she cannot be wonderful at other times,” the mom continued. “What is that balance of standing up for yourself, walking away, putting bad behavior in perspective, seeking help, but learning to problem solve on your own? How do we create this next generation of sensitive, strong, verbally expressive, happy people?” We think Hilaria’s doing a great job at handling this difficult situation!

Hilaria and Alec recently revealed that they’re expecting their fourth child together — and it’s a boy! “Our Baldwinitos are getting a new teammate this spring,” the gorgeous mom wrote on Instagram. “We are so excited!”

Even though Hilaria still has a few more months to go in this pregnancy, she’s already been talking about baby No. 5! Eldest child Carmen is so outnumbered by brothers, that she’s desperate for her mom to give her a little sister. “She was a little bit disappointed [that I’m expecting another boy]. [She said], ‘How about you have a girl first, then you can have another boy?’ I was like, ‘It doesn’t work that way! I don’t get to choose,'” Hilaria told People.
“[Carmen’s] like, ‘No, you don’t understand, Mommy. It’s going to be a girl.’ I was like, ‘No, I promise. I promise you it’s a boy.'” Aww! We’re sure Carmen will still love her little brother.