Poor, Alec Baldwin! The 59-year-old father recently revealed the hardest part of parenting his kids. Now, you might think he would have said something like changing diapers, disciplining, or balancing work with fatherhood — but he had a different insight to share.

"Being a father can be very challenging because kids are obsessed with their mothers,” the actor explained to People about his wife, Hilaria Baldwin. “I’m in a room with my kids and I’m doing really well until my wife walks in! They just dump me.”

In the photo above, the 33-year-old mama exhibited the kind of silliness that is oftentimes necessary with three little ones. "We survived our cooped up day in the snow…it was too cold and windy to go out," she captioned the photo. "3 kids all day inside (especially in an apartment) was ?. I’m dying to know your tricks to keeping kids entertained on days they can’t go out and avoiding fights and meltdowns! #WeGotThis2018"

The dad-of-four and soon to be five admitted that while he may get a tad jealous when he loses the attention of his kiddos to his wife, being married to someone who is a great mother is something to be proud of. “That’s just how it is — there’s nothing I can do about it!” he continued. “My advice for new dads: If your wife is a great mommy, appreciate that and enjoy that. That’s a great thing to have.”

The couple is already parents to Leo, 15 months, Rafael, 2, and Carmen, 4. Alec is also father to his daughter, Ireland, 22, who he shares with his ex-wife, Kim Basinger. And soon all of his kids will have another sibling! During her pregnancies, Hilaria always tries to keep a healthy outlook on her changing body. She previously shared on Instagram how her baby bump is progressing.

"If you are new to following me, I post these from time to time while I’m pregnant," she wrote. "I️ try to stay as healthy as possible while pregnant but embrace slowing down, eating a bit more, and celebrating my changing body. We all go through these changes while pregnant, it’s amazing, and I love to normalize it, rather than promoting being ashamed of gaining weight." Sounds like a wonderful mother to us!