Though Good Bones fans can’t stop talking about her drama with her cast members, Mina Starsiak Hawk admitted that she is “bored.”

Mina, 39, shared a quote in her Instagram Stories, seemingly hinting at moving on from her busy life since filming the series finale of Good Bones.

“Thank God for boring because there used to be so much drama, hype, anxiety, pressure and overwhelm,” the quote read. “Boring is evidence of my healing.”

In addition to the quote, the realtor added, “Not boring yet, LOL, but more bored than I have been in the last five years.”

The bold statement came after Mina publicly announced on her podcast that she was not on “speaking terms” with costar Cory Miller and not in a great place with mom Karen E. Laine and brother Tad Starsiak.

The drama made planning holiday celebrations and birthday parties very difficult for the TV personality late last year. “The holidays were miserable,” an insider told Closer in early January.

Mina’s Instagram is constantly flooded with questions about potential reconciliations with her estranged costars. Still, it looks like nothing has been patched up just yet.

“I’m working really hard at creating some balance by making some different life choices, continuing seeing my therapist and a little dose of Wellbutrin,” Mina updated her followers on her life on January 4.

While filming her weekly podcasts, gearing up to open a new Two Chicks District Co. retail store and finishing renovations on her lake house, the home design maven’s schedule still likely remains jam-packed — on the surface, it seems like her life is hardly boring at all.

Mia Starsiak Hawk has hand on her hip next to Karen E. Laine
Michael Kovac/Getty Images for Cost Plus World Market

Recently, Cory made a rare comment on Instagram amid his ongoing rift with Mina. The project manager dropped a flexed bicep emoji underneath Mina’s husband Steve Hawk’s Instagram post on January 24.

The comment was rather strange considering Mina and Cory unfollowed each other on Instagram, with her telling podcast listeners that there was “a whole story” behind their falling out. She went on to confess that she is “an active participant in some negative storylines that other people have as well.”

Mina, Cory, Karen, Tad, MJ Coyle and Austin Aynes worked alongside each other on Good Bones in Indiana before going their separate ways in the fall of 2023, when the finale aired. And it appears some of their bonds with each other weren’t strong enough to survive the cracks in the show’s foundation.