Fans of Good Morning America watch Ginger Zee on TV each morning — but how much do you really know about the meteorologist off-screen? For starters, the 36-year-old star is married to media personality Ben Aaron and the couple has one adorable son, Adrian, together. And, Ginger recently announced she and Ben are expecting their second baby! Want to learn even more? Scroll down to see everything you need to know about Ginger!

When was Ginger Zee’s wedding?

Ginger tied the knot with Ben on June 7, 2014, in the bride’s native Michigan. “I have been crying for six months. I’m not joking. Since I knew I was marrying Ginger, I’ve been writing the vows in my head,” Ben said in an interview at the time. “So every time I thought about it I started crying. We’d be walking and I’d have to turn my head and blame it on allergies I don’t even have.” Ginger added, “I cried, too. I knew it was going to be beautiful, but to see it… [our wedding planner] poured his heart and soul into this. I thought I was done crying after the private vows but then walking down the aisle I saw my aunt and her face and it was like the vomit scene in The Goonies. It was totally contagious.”

“Everywhere you look, you see people who were a part of our journey as individuals coming together,” Ben continued. “It’s like a glamorous backyard barbecue with everyone you know.” Most importantly, Ginger revealed the weather on their big day “could not have been more perfect!” She added, “Mid 70s and high clouds, I couldn’t have written it better.” Ben then joked, “She has a direct line to Zeus himself. She called him up and said ‘Hey Z’ — she calls him that, it’s a thing they have in common —  and she said, ‘I want beautiful weather this weekend,’ and it was.”

“[But] everyone has a story. We had the perfect weekend and the perfect day but you have to have something. For us, we thought we’d invite 55 people and around a million and thirty flies. Mayflies in June… I wonder if the longer winter had something to do with that,” Ginger shared. In another interview, Ginger gushed about her stunning wedding gown. “It’s very traditional but with some modern twists to it. I got it at Kleinfeld in New York. It was one of the first five I tried on,” she said.

What is Ginger Zee’s GMA salary?

Ginger’s annual salary is reportedly $120,000 and her net worth is an estimated $480,000.

Was Ginger Zee on Dancing With the Stars?

Yes! Ginger competed with pro Val Chmerkovskiy in March 2016’s Season 22 of DWTS. The pair finished in third place!

What is Ginger Zee’s ethnicity?

Ginger’s ethnicity is reportedly Dutch. Her nationality is American. Ginger was born Ginger Renee Zuidgeest — Ginger Zee is a stage name! — in Orange, CA, but her family moved to Michigan before her first birthday. She was named Ginger after her Dutch father’s favorite TV character, Gilligan’s Island‘s Ginger Grant. Both of Ginger’s paternal grandparents previously immigrated from the Netherlands to the US.

Who are Ginger Zee’s parents?

Ginger was born to Robert Zuidgeest and Dawn Zuidgeest-Craft on Jan. 13, 1981. Her parents later divorced and her mother subsequently married Carl Craft and through that marriage, Ginger has two half-sisters Adrianna and Elaina Craft. At her 2014 wedding to Ben, Ginger was walked down the aisle by both her father and stepfather — so sweet!