Purchasing a second home was certainly a huge decision for Erin and Ben Napier, but they have expressed no regrets about expanding their real estate portfolio. The Home Town stars shared a closer look at one of their favorite parts of their Mississippi vacation house in an August 27 photo.

Erin, 37, captured a candid moment between Ben, 39, and their eldest daughter, Helen, as they cuddled up together in their second home. “I love a nook and a sconce,” she captioned the Instagram post.

Fans flooded the comments section to ask about the decor featured in the unique nook, from its light wood furnishings to the floral duvet and shelving unit. The comfy space is located on the second floor of the home, which Erin adorably refers to as “girl world.” The graphic designer and her husband are also parents to their youngest daughter, Mae, who turned 2 in May 2023.

Ben Napier and daughter Helen cuddle in nook in vacation house
Courtesy of Erin Napier/Instagram

The Napier sisters have plenty of room to play with their toys, work on art projects and do more fun activities in their cozy upstairs oasis. Providing their kids with more space to run around and play was one of the main reasons why the HGTV hosts decided to buy the Tudor-style residence.

“I grew up on a 40-acre chicken farm and would pick out a baby chick to be my pet every time a new load would come,” Erin said. “My playtime consisted of climbing a lot of trees and digging for arrowheads in the woods. That’s not something our girls can do in town. I want their bathwater to be dirty at the end of the day, so it means they weren’t just playing on screens.”

Erin and Ben documented the entire design process and the big reveal of their country escape during season 6 of Home Town.

“All the cozy rooms with dark wood make it seem as if you’re sitting beside a fire — that is the dream for me,” Erin shared. “I love this style so, so much.”

While they made a series of necessary renovations, their main goal was to preserve the European feel of the home.

“One reason we had to get this house was its very British look,” Erin explained. “It feels as though you’ve crossed the ocean and you’re not in Mississippi anymore. It’s like a vacation for us.”

In addition to their vacation home, Erin and Ben own a craftsman cottage in Laurel, Mississippi, that they purchased after their 2008 wedding. They primarily live in the townhouse, which is conveniently located near their very successful Laurel Mercantile Co. flagship store.