He’s crazy about them! Dr. Oz is of course known as the go-to person for all things healthy, but he’s a lot more than just someone you see on television, he’s a wonderful grandfather too — and he recently shared quite the photo of his grandkids.

The 59-year-old took to Instagram on Saturday, October 12, to post a cute Halloween pic involving two of his grandkids. “Grandpa time with Philo and John. John noticed this is a different kind of scarecrow than ‘The Wizard of Oz!'” the TV personality wrote alongside the snap. “Swipe [right] for the carby snacks on hand. It smelled *amazing*.”

Take a look at the photo below!

People were loving the post, as they took to the comments section to respond. “Loving, adoring Dr. grandpa. Enjoy every moment with your adorable grandkids,” one person said. Another added, “So cute, God bless them. Nothing beats grandparents time with their grandchildren.”

Dr. Oz has four grandkids — Philomena “Philo,” 5, Jovan “John-John”, 3, Domenica, 1, and Giovanna, 2 months. All of them children of his daughter Daphne Oz.  And he is all about his grandchildren, as he’s spoken about it in the past.

“I play with them all the time,” Dr. Oz exclusively revealed to Closer Weekly while on the red carpet on September 9. “They want to see me because, when they do see me, they’re going to do something fun. I always want to do something active and I want to see how they react if things don’t go well.”

“My wife says I’m a meddler because I nudge them all the time,” he joked of his love, Lisa Oz. “I want them to swim in the pool with me, running around, going places. I took them apple picking and the Renaissance Festival yesterday and the dress up. They have to do everything full speed.”  Dr. Oz even admitted to “terribly” spoiling his grandkids.

“See the good thing about being a grandparent is you can give them back — plus it’s appropriate payback to your kids,” he quipped.

Dr. Oz

It is so great seeing just how crazy Dr. Oz is about his four grandkids. We can’t wait to hear what else he gets into with them!