OK, now we’re bummed we didn’t get an invite! Donny Osmond looked like he was having the most amazing time ever when he shared a new photo to Instagram of his fun fishing trip on Monday, July 29.

“Thought I’d lay down on the deck … just for the #halibut.😆🐟 #gonefishing,” he jokingly penned the caption next to a pic of him laying beside a huge fish that’s more than half the size of his body. Once Donny’s fans saw the impressive snap, they immediately began to share all of their fish puns in the comments.

“Holy Halibut! That’s one cute guy next to that fish!! 😂❤️,” one follower wrote. Another said, “Nice halibut,” and a third added, “Trout pout 😂.” One of the musician’s fans even said they had enough of all of the bad puns but proceeded to tell their own joke anyway.

“There’s a time and a plaice for bad fish puns. I’ll tuna in later to see if you have any more or if you’re floundering,” they wrote. So funny!

On Sunday, July 21, Donny announced that he and all five of his sonsDonald Clark Osmond Jr., 39; Jeremy James Osmond, 37; Brandon Michael Osmond, 33; Christopher Glenn Osmond, 28; and Joshua Davis Osmond, 20 — would embark on a family fishing trip to Alaska and would be spending a lot of quality time together.

On my way to #Alaska with my boys. The halibut and salmon are calling for us!” he told fans via Instagram. Since then, The Masked Singer star has kept everyone updated on their adventures. A few days before that, he gave them a huge hint about to expect on his 62nd album that’s expected to be released in the near future.

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“Last night I got a little closer to finishing another song for my #newalbum,” Donny said on Friday, July 12, teasing what we should expect from him. “Oh my goodness. You’re going to love this one! @philippesaisse, my dear friend and an amazing musician and arranger who I worked with on the This Is The Moment album, helped me with the arrangements on this song. It’s so beautiful. It’s called F_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ T.”

Who knows? Donny might even include a song about fishing!