Being a new mom isn’t easy! When Elisha Cuthbert had her first kid, Zaphire, in 2017 with her husband Dion Phaneuf, she faced a number of issues like buying baby clothes and potty training. But luckily for her, she could rely on doting dad Dax Shepard and mom of two Mila Kunis for advice.

“Actually, it’s so funny. Dax was helping me with a little advice on the potty training situation ’cause I am totally clueless and he goes, ‘I think you should … well what we did anyway was let the girls pick out their potty.’ So we did,” she recently recalled on The Talk. “We went to Target and I said to Zaphire, ‘What do you think?’ She went for this little penguin one and I went, ‘I would have went with the one with the flush but hey you do what you got to do.'”

Elisha Cuthbert daughter

“So she picked that one out and it’s nice ’cause it’s encouraging her to go, ‘This is my journey. This is a part of the process.’ I thought it was really good advice to let them be a part of it in some way,” she added.

The great advice doesn’t stop there. When the Canadian actress was unsure about what type of shoes to buy for her daughter, she asked Mila for help.

“It’s funny because when we were shooting The Ranch, she got pregnant and then I got pregnant and we were all very pregnant,” Elisha jokingly recalled about sharing her pregnancy with the That ’70s Show star. “But I was having a hard time with baby shoes. I don’t know but like getting my kid’s foot into a shoe. I know it sounds ridiculous but maybe moms at home can relate and I was like, ‘Mila, what do I do?'”

Instead of telling Elisha to buy more shoes for her kid, Mila kept it real. “‘She was like Velcro! Anything with the Velcro! No laces,'” the mom of one laughed. “And I was like ‘God, OK, great.’ And she goes, ‘OK, I’ll send you some.’ I’m like, ‘OK, thank God I have all these moms around to help.’ It was so wonderful.”