Fixer to Fabulous duo Dave Marrs and Jenny Marrs have proven to be experts when it comes to designing an incredible home. They’ve gained millions of fans from all over the world who love how down-to-earth they are on their hit HGTV series. In several episodes, viewers spotted that the master craftsmen has a tattoo and are curious about what it means. 

Dave and Jenny have restored hundreds of homes in Arkansas since their show premiered in October 2019. The Rock the Block stars have also shared glimpses of their home life on social media, including their adoption journey to bring their daughter, Sylvie, home from the Democratic Republic of Congo in July 2014.

Dave Marrs Tattoo Meaning: HGTV Star's Sentimental Ink
Courtesy of Dave Marrs/Instagram

The couple are also parents to twin boys Nathan and Ben, daughter Charlotte and son Luke. In some photos with his children and with his wife, Dave’s inner bicep tattoo has been on full display. This has prompted questions from fans who noticed that the tattoo is written in Hebrew. 

In May 2020, Dave shared a photo on his Instagram account with a cheeky caption about learning how to use a selfie stick for the first time. His ink was fully visible in the photo, and he finally revealed its special significance.  

“Is that Hebrew on your arm? What does it say?” one fan asked in the comments section of the post. Dave replied, “Yes it is. Thanks for noticing. It stands for ‘My Lord, my deliverer.’”  

Two things that mean the world to Dave and Jenny are their family and their faith. Dave’s tattoo is a nod to all of the special people in his life, and their strong Christian beliefs. The Marrs family keeps their values at the forefront of everything they do. 

“We know that God led us to this opportunity. It definitely was never on our radar to do a television show,” Jenny told Movie Guide ahead of the January 2021 season 2 finale of Fixer to Fabulous. “We fought against it big time. We didn’t want to do it at first at all, and we prayed a lot about it. We just know that God led us to this opportunity because He opened the door. He put this in our lives in order to put programming on television that glorifies Him in some way.”