Christie Brinkley Has Tied the Knot 4 Times! Get to Know the Supermodel’s Husbands

Even though she may look young, Christie Brinkley has lived quite the life, and that has included saying I do four times — so it’s time we get to know the iconic model’s husbands!

The Vegas Vacation actress first tied the knot in 1973 to French artist Jean-François Allaux when she was just 19. While it isn’t her most notable marriage, it did last quite a long time, as the pair called it quits in 1981. That wouldn’t be the only time that Christie would walk down the aisle — three more would follow with Billy Joel, Richard Taubman and Peter Cook. However, don’t expect the blonde beauty to do it for a fifth time.

Christie Brinkley Billy Joel
Adam Scull/Shutterstock

“I don’t really see a reason for marriage,” the 65-year-old once told Us Weekly. “Maybe there’s tax advantages or inheritance advantages or hospital advantages. But I always thought of doing it to have kids. And since I’m not having any more kids, why complicate things?” Although, that does not mean that Christie isn’t interested in socializing.

“It’s not that easy to meet people,” the Dancing With the Stars alum explained to the outlet. “When you’re younger, you assume nobody’s married yet. But now you assume that everybody is married, so it’s hard to actually meet people,” she said, adding that when she does date “it’s fun.”

Scroll on down below to get to know each one of Christie’s four husbands!

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