After welcoming twins in March, Chris Stapleton and his wife, Morgane, are gearing up for baby No. 5. The couple, who are also the parents to two other kids, credit their family for helping to keep it all together. “We have a village, and none of this is possible without that village,” Chris admitted to Life & Style.

Five children sounds like a handful already, but imagine touring and being on the road while trying to raise all those kids? Well, believe it or not, Chris makes it happen. His kiddos, who Chris, 40, and Morgane, 35, are extremely private about, aren’t the only ones that join them, though. “You know, our kids go on the road, my in-laws go on the road, my mom goes on the road when she feels like coming, and so we carry a good bit of actual family,” Chris told Kix Brooks of American Country Countdown.

Luckily for the country crooner and his wife, his family comes along for the ride (literally) to support him. “Everybody is so helpful, and we have so many great people who work on the road with us who help make that as comfortable as we can with children,” the “Tennessee Whiskey” singer said.

Having his family and children on the road with him must be exciting for Chris, considering this means he always has them by his side. When accepting an award at the 2018 CMAs on Nov. 14, Chris wanted to thank his kids for putting up with him “being gone quite a bit.” Aww!

The rockstar dad doesn’t just think of his blood relatives family, but his friends too. “I consider Derek [Mixon on drums] and J.T. [Cure on bass] to be family members, you know, the guys in the band, and all the guys in the crew,” Chris shared. “I want everybody to feel like they are family. We try to approach things that way. That’s always been the goal with me anytime.”

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Chris and Morgane may have to call for back up soon since the Stapleton clan is growing even more. On Nov. 2, the “Parachute” singer revealed that Morgane is pregnant with their fifth child.

“Some of you may know that we have four children,” the musician said while onstage in front of thousands of fans. “We just had twins, about seven months ago. Now there’s four for us, but we’re gonna make it five!” It seems like the power couple is certainly ready for their fifth baby, and we look forward to the day when the Stapleton clan becomes a family-of-seven!